Raw and Refined Natural Jewelry


Damara Mossman

Nova Scotia, Canada

Born and raised near Lunenburg I started designing and crafting jewelry as a child. I’m self-taught although was lucky to have talented mentors along the way. I’ve always been a ‘maker’ and I’ve never been satisfied with anything ‘mainstream’. 

In 2010 I started playing with designs involving raw materials such as naturally shed deer antler, sustainably sourced cattle bone and horn. Over the years I’ve taken inspiration from my surroundings; Nova Scotia is such a beautiful place bursting with vibrant coastline and lush forests. 

I love the look of natural raw materials and rich metals mixed together so that balance is really what I strive for in my designs. I want to make women feel beautiful and one of a kind, whether it’s minimal with a simple piece of jewelry or over the top with multiple layered pieces.  


Pentper General Shop, Lunenburg, NS
Caico-Mae Clothiers, Lunenburg, NS
Lunenburg Art Gallery, Lunenburg, NS
Here Nor There, Mahone Bay, NS
East Wind Gallery, Mahone Bay, NS
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS
Salty Roses Local Art & Craft, Ingonish NS   


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